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High quality, affordable, great service. We make sure your Media Wall project goes right.

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About Media Wall

We Specialise in Large Media Walls & Large Stage Backdrops

Our mission is to provide the most professional quality & affordable Media Walls on the market. All our work is handled with skill, dedication and enthusiasm. Talk to us, and make your ideas come to life.

Why use Media Wall?

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Hire or Buy

Proven by thousands of satisfied customers. If your Media Wall is only needed for 1 event why not hire? Or if you want to keep your Media Wall we have the buy option.

Free Artwork

We offer a free artwork deal as part of our price. Email us your logos and we will put a Media Wall layout together for you. Once you have approved the layout we will get your Media Wall into production.

Custom Built

We can custom build our Media Walls to any size. Discuss with us the Media Wall size you need. Lightweight & Strong.

Fastest Service

We will blow you away with how fast we can produce your Media Wall. Discuss with us the event date we need to meet.

Reusable Media Wall

No tools required. Reusable hardware & printed skin. Rich, vibrant, fade resistant & machine washable. No flare issues for photographers. Packs down into a carry bag, economical to transport.

Setting up a Media Wall

How to set up a Media Wall

Setting up your Media Wall is super easy. The sturdy & strong aluminium frame connects by pushing and pressing connector buttons. Every piece has a coloured code that matches to another piece with a coloured code. Once your frame has been built and is laid flat on the ground the printed fabric skin slides over the frame like a pillow case slides over a pillow. Zip the skin up from the bottom edge. As the skin is zipped up, the skin becomes tight / taught & smooth. Once the skin is totally zipped up. Attach the feet and stand your Media Wall up. Enjoy!!

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